Daras International, international trade OF

metallurgical products and industrial equipment

For nearly two decades, our Metallurgy international trade department has developed an
extensive international network of partners to offer you a wide range of products: flat products in coils or sheets, products in bars or tubes, beams, steel, or even specific
products such as Alucobond composite panels, Concertina barbed wire or stainless
steel accessories.

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A rigorous selection adapted to all sectors

Over time, and thanks to our expertise in materials and our knowledge of the markets, our activity of international trading of metallurgical products has been complemented by industrial equipment: heat exchangers, flares, and measuring equipment… to name a few.

In total, we own a wide range of products, allowing us to meet the needs of many sectors (petrochemicals, construction, building, etc.)

Good to know:

We are thus able to support some of our customers hoping to switch from importing to processing metallurgical products: we then play a crucial role thanks to a reliable supply, and in a continuous manner.

Our commitments

  1. A rigorous selection of our suppliers with regular audits – conducted by ourselves or by third party organizations such as SGS or Cotecna – is put in place to guarantee safe and long-lasting relationships: reliability checks, factory visits, product analysis in laboratories, obtaining samples, goods inspection, etc
  2. Systematic checks of industrial batches and goods by our teams avoid any quality or product safety issues. At the same time, we are working to diversify our sourcing and products.
  3. A privileged and unique interlocutor answers all your technical, commercial and order management questions, coupled with a great reactivity and time-tested international trade techniques. The support is promised from the definition of your needs to the delivery of a product in conformity with your requirements.


Flat products in coil or sheets

– Stainless steel plates,

– Hot or Cold rolled steel sheets

– Galvanized sheets

– Aluminum sheets

– Tread plates


Bars or tubes


– Drawn steel

– Brass bars

– Copper tube


Beams merchant bars specific products


– Alucobond composite panels

– Concertina barbed wire

– Stainless steel accessories


Industrial Equipments

Heat exchangers


– Plate heat exchangers

Firefighting equipement

– Fixed

– Mobiles

Industrial valves and fittings

Hydrolic adapters

Industrial torches

Industrial piping

Fuel additives

Chemical products

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